The Only Book on Pregnancy Anyone Should Own. Ever.

When one book can unite both Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew, you have to stop and take notice. In this case, both doctors, not to mention a whole mess of fancy reviews have made "Exploiting My Baby: A Memoir of Pregnancy and Childbirth" a must-read for anyone who is pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant or who simply enjoys reading about the paralyzing dread and unrelenting self-doubt of others. 

 After making the Los Angeles Times Bestseller List , EMB was named a Vanity Fair Book Choice and received praise from Adam Carolla, Jenny McCarthy, Time Magazine's Joel Stein, The LA Weekly, US Weekly, Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately and more. A review lauded the book as "the funniest thing I've ever read." And those people there? Their pregnancy game is on point.

Recently, the book was optioned by Sony Pictures and purchased by ABC. Were this story to be made into a movie, the only stipulation would be that it not involve Jenna Elfman in any way.

So if you have just found out you're pregnant, or if a friend or relative has shared this joyful news, first  things first, you Instagram a pic of the pregnancy test balanced on the bathroom sink (I mean, let's keep our priorities straight).

After that however, buying this book is a decent second move. If it doesn't bring you or your pregnant friend laughs and solace, it will at least be a nice place to balance a platter of cheese fries.


Happy Holidays.