"All the Pain and Suffering
That's Fit to Print."

Teresa Strasser is an Emmy-winning writer (Comedy Central’s “Win Ben Stein’s Money”) and an Emmy-nominated television host (TLC’s "While You Were Out”). Radio and podcast audiences know her as the co-host on The Adam Carolla Show. She currently lives in Phoenix where she hosts syndicated entertainment show, “The List.”

Strasser cuts right through the mucus plug with Exploiting My Baby*: *Because It’s Exploiting Me. With such titles as “Sitting Stretch Mark Shiva” and “I’ll Miss You, Toxins,” Strasser’s funnier than your funniest friend and her neuroses are more acute than Joan Rivers’ ‘Having a Baby Can Be a Scream’.
— Joel Stein, Time Magazine
Strasser’s collection of essays is a comic, poignant and no-holds-barred revelation of her anxiety-strewn road to motherhood.
— Laguna Beach Independent
Darn funny and a truthful glimpse into the realities of pregnancy.
— L.A. Parent Magazine