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Praise – Exploiting My Baby

'...a raw, often unsettling and always entertaining look at pregnancy and childbirth. Strasser flaunts her ability to worry about anything, her many documented imperfections and brings it all down to some seriously funny prose.' 

- Rick Kleffel, NPR

'If you read this book you will laugh until you're sick, I swear, but it's also very insightful.' 

-Dr. Phil

'Teresa Strasser cuts right through the mucus plug with Exploiting My Baby: Because It's Exploiting Me. With such chapter titles as 'Sitting Stretch Mark Shiva' and 'I'll Miss You, Toxins,' Strasser's funnier than your funniest friend and her neuroses are more acute than Joan Rivers' Having a Baby Can Be a Scream.' 

-LA Weekly

'I laughed my ass off - which is great, because now I don't have stretch marks anymore.' 

-New York Times-bestselling author Jenny McCarthy

'Exploiting her baby, perhaps, but most certainly rewarding her readers, Teresa Strasser trudges, nay, romps with us down the road from the anxiety of no baby to guilt of not deserving a precious child. All the while she reminds us that the echoes of our families of origin, although carried along with us like so much muck in a river-bed, need not choke our ability to flourish and find joy as parents.' 

-Dr. Drew Pinsky

'Hilarious first time memoir about motherhood.' 

-Life & Style

'Teresa's pain is your gain. The toll pregnancy and birth have taken on her marriage, career, psyche and cervix are all laid bare for your info-tainment. Her neurotic neonatal journey will make you laugh and cry. It might even make you aroused (if you're into that sort of thing).' 

-Adam Carolla

'Exploiting My Baby: Because It's Exploiting Me is a hilarious, honest, often raunchy account of Strasser's pregnancy and delivery in which no subject is too sacred to broach: Porn, STDs, the fetal benefits of oral sex and a particularly disastrous clogged toilet scene all get their day. This is the stuff What to Expect When You're Expecting elegantly omits.' 

-The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

'If Woody Allen was a woman with big giant ovaries and wrote a book about his pregnancy, it still wouldn't have been this funny, warm, brassy and insightful.' 

-Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, bestselling author of Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay

'Strasser's collection of essays is a comic, poignant and no-holds-barred revelation of her anxiety-strewn road to motherhood.' 

-Laguna Beach Independent

'If this is what it's really like to have a baby, I should have been a lot nicer to my lovely wife. Also, she should have made me laugh this much. So we're even. If you think you worry too much about being a parent, Teresa Strasser will inform you of all the things you forgot to freak out about.' 

-Joel Stein

'I loved this book. Teresa Strasser has blessed us all with an amazing, inspired work. I laughed, I cried, I learned lessons about marriage and love and pregnancy and motherhood that will last a lifetime. Teresa knows how to speak directly to every one of us, and offers us the inside story every pregnant woman wishes someone out there would finally share. Her very personal, hysterical and moving story is universal. I can't wait to buy this book for all my pregnant friends.' 

-Rabbi Naomi Levy, author of Hope Will Find You and To Begin Again

'Darn funny and a truthful glimpse into the realities of pregnancy.' 

-L.A. Parent Magazine

'Teresa is the mom you want to invite to your playgroup.' 

-Heather McDonald, New York Times bestselling author of You'll Never Blueball in this Town Again


'Her new blog, Exploiting My Baby, explores this growth period with brutal honesty and sharply hilarious wit. In her blog she has written about: advice-spouting moms nearly provoking her to violence; how she goofed, calling Nancy O'Dell the c-word on Carolla's wildly successful podcast; and her very real fears on becoming a new mother.' 


'Teresa's gone & got herself in the family way (meaning, pregnant) and she's been keeping an incredibly biting, honest blog about it called (natch) Exploiting My Baby.' 


'Strasser is a genuine public intellectual, a bright writer who managed to succeed in morning radio in a venue beyond NPR. (Now that is a shock.)' 

- The Daily News

'Teresa Strasser is exploiting her baby. How? By writing a super humorous, very fun and must read blog ... witty, down-to-earth, bare bones and tell-it-like-it-is.' 


'Teresa Strasser, one of the hosts from the first season of 'While You Were Out,' is a raven-haired, quick-witted hipster with an acid tongue, the kind of person who might make mordant jokes at funerals.'


'Teresa takes a look at the funny side of pregnancy all while airing her fears of becoming a parent. I laughed so much while reading it and wished that this blog was around when I was pregnant.' 

- Knocked Up Celebs

'The Least Annoying People'- The folks at have once again polled readers to come up with the most - and least - annoying personalities of the year. Topping the most annoying list for 2003 are the rabid, cave-dwelling members of Al-Qaeda... As for the least annoying people of the year, Salma Hayek comes in first, followed by home repair hottie Teresa Strasser, God, the late John Ritter and actress Mischa Barton.' 

- Page Six in the 'New York Post'

'This column, 'Saying Goodbye to an Angel in Sin City,' told a good story and told it well. Ms Strasser has a great voice. She allows the reader to see the story clearly and feel a part of it. The column is also a touching reflection of our society's rituals surrounding death.' 

- Los Angeles Press Club, Judges' Comments (Columnist Award)

'Teresa Strasser is the main draw, as the show's perky, smart, and dont-you-want-her-as-a-gal-pal host … Teresas a funny lady, a hard worker and an Emmy winner for her writing on 'Win Ben Steins Money.' Shes a sistah if I evah saw one with that cute little barrette she uses to hold back the hair from the right side of her face during those hard-to-complete jobs that require lots of bending.' 

- The Southern Voice

'An almost lyrical narrative of a ghastly family tragedy. From the brutally honest lead to the thoughtful last line, we couldnt put the story down.' 

- Los Angeles Press Club Awards (News Feature Award)

'Teresa Strasser was challenging you at home before you knew who she was. She was a writer for four celebrated game shows of varying degrees of prestige in the late 90s and early 00s. The bright and lively queen of Friday night cable television knows how to scour through the almanacs, the newspapers, the atlases and quotation sources ... In a turn of events which surprised even Teresa, she became host of TLCs While You Were Out, the networks second-highest rated prime time show.' 

- Inside the Games

'In keeping with the TLC decorating program host formula, Teresa Strasser is very pretty. Fortunately, Strasser is also clever and likeable, so us average-looking viewers dont totally hate her.' 

- Winnipeg Free Press

'She was beautiful, had this sort of cool nature and was funny as hell. Someone on the show remarked that it was a nice day and her reply was, 'Any day you're not being fed intravenously, it's a nice day'. That was it for me. I was in love ... Her self-effacing humor is extremely endearing and her quick, off the wall wit is priceless. Hopefully a book will follow.' 

- Citi Music Magazine

'Thanks to co-host Teresa Strasser, The Adam Carolla Show isn't just smart for morning radio. It's just smart.'